scientific illustration & graphic design

A good image is worth a thousand captions

In the current academic world success is not anymore just a matter of high quality research, and standing out from the crowd has become essential to engage readers, reviewers, and, of course, evaluators.

Our goal is to help you put the finishing touch on your work to catch the eye of your audience.

See what we can do

Our team is specialized in designing visually stunning and informative illustrations and figures for a wide range of scientific publications and purposes. Browse through our services and see how we can help you communicate your research with impact.

Schemes and plain graphics

Simple support graphics to present information in a clear and concise manner, with a focus on the most important elements of a concept.

Advanced figures

Advanced figures, typically 3D-based, relying on shading, highlights, and textures to convey a greater sense of depth and realism.

Full illustrations

High impact, advanced adgraphics focused on capturing the viewer’s attention in a powerful way on bigger formats, such as journal covers.

Book and thesis covers

Proffesional and creative designs for books and thesis covers to make them unique and attractive through original and stunning graphics.

Let your images introduce your work